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What is is an online marketplace that allows individuals and professionals to list any kind of items for rent, so that anyone can rent them. Rentzzz shows listings of all the items for rent in a given location along with their price, conditions and available dates, conveniently mapped around the location of the user. Rentzzz is currently the only website that provides this kind of online service for locating anything that you want to rent.

What's in it for you?

For professionals in the rental market:

  • Boost your business visibility through a user-friendly and widely used website
  • Access a powerful and flexible online reservation service for your products
  • Manage online and cost-efficiently your inventory and business
  • Get new clients and improve your bottom line

For everyone:

  • Find whatever you need, whenever you need it, wherever you are in our one-stop rental platform
  • Access new fun and useful goods and discover new activities
  • Make money out of your closet and garage
  • Rent anything you can possibly imagine, not just apartments and cars!
  • Do it all quickly, safely and cost-effectively

For the community:

  • Promote a more sustainable way of consuming that saves natural resources
  • Tighten the community bonds by having neighbors helping each other out
  • Support local rental businesses
Want to know more about Rentzzz ?
How does Rentzzz work?

There are two types of members on Rentzzz: Renter who put their goods and products for rent and renteee who, well, rent them.

Rentzzz aims to put these people and organizations in touch through one single marketplace.

Want to know more about how Rentzzz works?
Is it free to create an account?

Yes, registering in Rentzzz is free and does not commit to any fee.

Who can sign-up on Rentzzz?

There are no special conditions for joining Rentzzz. Individuals, groups, public organizations or associations can all join our community.

What happens when something goes wrong? (loss, damage, no show at rental point)?

For any rental transaction, whether online or in the real world, a rental contract, or agreement, is established between the renter and the rentee to confirm the deal and its conditions. This contract is available for display within the description of the items listed for rent. The consequences of an incident are governed by this contract and of course by any legislation that is in effect. Rentzzz also provides a standard contract that individuals are free to use, that includes all the essential clauses of a classic rental agreement. In case of loss or damage of the rented item, the clauses regarding the security deposit are particularly helpful to resolve the issue.

What is a booking request?

A booking request is issued when a Rentzzz user wants to rent a listed item, and asks the renter through Rentzzz if he would accept or decline, considering the starting and ending dates chosen for the rental.

How long is a reservation or booking request valid for?

The validity duration of a reservation or booking request is how much time a renter has to cancel the reservation, from the time it has been confirmed, before the retainer fee is charged. The reservation validity period is 3 days unless otherwise notified.

How can I contact Rentzzz for support?

Even if you haven't created a Rentzzz account and completed your profile, you can contact us by either clicking on the "Contact Us" link, that you should always find at the bottom of the web page, or select the "Create a Ticket" option available in "My Account".

What are the general terms of use?
How can I close my Rentzzz account?

To unsubscribe from, just let us know by either clicking on the "Contact Us" link, that you should always find at the bottom of the web page, or select the "Create a Ticket" option available in "My Account".

How are the members of Rentzzz evaluated (rentee or renters)?

At Rentzzz we think that evaluating the renter only is not enough. So, 3 elements get evaluated for every completed transaction, in order to enable trust and confidence within the Rentzzz community:

  • The renter who has posted his item for rent
  • The rentee who has rented the item
  • The quality and description accuracy of the rented item

This triple evaluation is very important for Rentzzz, and the site is designed to make it easy for members to quickly give an evaluation of their rental transactions.

The product description page will display these evaluations, and the profile page of each member will show their evaluations as a rentee and/or an renter.

Can I use Rentzzz to advertise my services online?

For now, Rentzzz is reserved exclusively for online rental of belongings and products. However, Rentzzz will likely be opening up to include services soon.

If I am representing a group or organization, can I sign up as that group?

Yes, for sure. A group can sign-up and be billed as such.


What are the fees for using Rentzzz as a rentee?

Rentzzz is free to use as a rentee. Creating an account is free, and using the site to rent does not incur any cost (the retainer fee paid to Rentzzz is deducted from the rental price due to the renter).

Why do I have to pay a retainer when confirming my booking request?

In order to reserve a rental object from its renter and receive the renter contact information, the rentee has to enter some payment information (credit cards) for Rentzzz to hold a retainer fee. The retainer system allows rentee to make specific and committed inquiries to rental items renter.

From this point on the rentee will have 3 days to cancel the transaction and not get charged the retainer fee, if for some reason the transaction does not get through. Unless the transaction is canceled within the 3 days validity period, the rentee will owe to the renter the balance of the transaction (total rental amount minus retainer fee), as specified in the rental agreement.

What happens if the renter declines my rental booking request?

After contacting the rental item renter, if the rental transaction cannot go through for whatever reason, the rentee can cancel the transaction within 3 days after receiving the renter contact information so the retainer fee is not charged from the rentee account.

Do I have to pay for my rental online?

The retainer fee is paid directly online when reserving a rental item. The rentee will pay directly to the renter the difference between the total rental cost and the retainer fee.

The method of payment between the renter and the rentee is set by the renter of the rental items, and should be clearly indicated on the item listing. .

What happens if I break the item that I rented?

Like with all rentals, off or online, a rental agreement is established between the renter and the rentee when the deal is confirmed. The terms of the agreement are usually available in the item description. The consequences of any mishap are governed by this agreement as well as of course any relevant legislation. .

Do I really have to give my address?

To establish your profile and join Rentzzz, it is essential that we have a record of your address. This is collected in compliance with privacy and personal information protection acts. (See Privacy Policy ).

Your address is needed for establishing rental agreements. Your address is also a factor in establishing the necessary confidence a business of private renter needs in order to rent you something. Finally, it allows Rentzzz to alert you easily of rental opportunities close to where you live.

It is a necessary part of signing up and renting via Rentzzz. Of course, you can surf the site as much as you want, to find out what is for rent before joining.

What information do I provide to Rentzzz upon joining?

When creating a Member account, Rentzzz will request some profile and contact information to allow other Members to contact you when renting something to or from them. Additional identification information may be requested by rental item renter when reserving one of their items (such as a copy of your driver’s licence, or a bank statement). They are not necessary to create a Member account.

How does Rentzzz know where I am?

Two things allow Rentzzz to locate you. One is the address that you give us when you join, and the second is the IP address of your computer. This latter method is only approximate.

How do I find the item I want to rent?

You can use two search methods when looking for an item to rent:

1. Go through the categories, specifying at the same time your desired rental location.

2 – Using the “What? Where?” quick search that is always available at the top of The rapid search engine will seek through the categories and items for rent on Rentzzz.

How do I pay for a rental?

A retainer fee is requested to the rentee upon confirmation of the reservation and in order to receive the contact information of the rental item renter. The retainer can be paid online using credit card. The renter will collect payment for the balance of the transaction (total rental amount minus the retainer fee) directly from the rentee when meeting to pick up the rental item.

Payment method for the rental balance is defined by the renter of the rental item and will be clearly described in the corresponding listing. Any payment method is possible, from credit card, cash in person, check, direct deposit or paypal. The payment of the balance is not handled through Rentzzz.

Can I cancel my rental? (2.cases: before and after expiration of the validity period)

There are two cases depending on when the transaction is canceled:

1. BEFORE expiration of the 3 days validity period

When confirming a reservation with the retainer system, you have 3 days to cancel the transaction if for some reason it does not go through. If you cancel the transaction before the 3 days, the retainer fee will not be charged to your account.

2. AFTER expiration of the 3 days validity period

If the transaction is not canceled by the renter 3 days after receiving the contact information of the rental item renter, the transaction will be considered effective and the retainer fee will be charged to the rentee account.

How can I contact an renter directly?

Just click on the button “Contact the renter” in the description of each item or product.

How do I evaluate the renter?

Rentzzz evaluation system will ask you to evaluate the renter of the item and the quality of the item rented at the end of your rental period for that item.

Can I refine my search for an item for rent?

You can narrow down your search results using the filters available on top of your search results. These filters allow you to select search parameters such as the distance from the item, the type of renter (individual or professional), the price range or the categories of products you are looking for.


What kind of stuff can I put up for rent?

Rentzzz mission statement is that you can offer and find any item or product for rent. All kinds of goods can be offered for rent, our categories tree should allow to do this quickly. Rental of apartments and houses is not presently included in the categories, but nothing stops you from offering these goods for rent.

What’s more, while choosing a category for the item you are posting for rent, if you can't find a matching category, then you can suggest a new category through our Ticket system selecting the subject “Suggest a New Category”.

How do I put my stuff up for rent?

It is very easy, just create a Rentzzz account, list your goods under My Items and, once the descriptions are complete, publish those items.

Advice and guidance on renting your stuff can be found on our blog.

How does the deposit system work?

A security deposit is given in cash or other goods as defined by the renter.

Rentzzz does not manage the security deposits requested by renter. That is worked out between the renter and the rentee, according to a procedure that the renter will define in the description of the item. The details can also be added directly to the standard rental agreement provided by Rentzzz to the renter.

What are the fees for using Rentzzz as an renter?

Creating a Member account if free, whether you are an individual or a rental business. Rentzzz's business model is based on listing fees (free today) and commissions on transactions (retainer fees).

How do I set my security deposit or rental amount?

Rentzzz doesn’t set any guidelines for rental and security deposit prices.

To get an idea of the range, you can check out the current prices on Rentzzz for items similar to what you have or want to post for rent.

As for the security deposit, that can be set in relation to your degree of confidence in the renter, as well as the condition of your item.

What happens if an item is returned broken or not returned at all?

This kind of situation is governed by the rental agreement made and signed between the rentee and the renter.

This kind of occurrence can also be taken into account when evaluation of the two parties in the transaction takes place.

Do I have to give Rentzzz my home or business address?

To establish your profile and join Rentzzz, it is essential that we have a record of your address. This is collected in conformity with privacy and personal information protection acts. (see General terms of use). Your address is needed when confirming a rental agreement. It is important to distinguish between your home/business address, and the actual location of the item for rent, since they can be different.

This address is necessary for your items available for rent can be located and mapped, for potential renter to visualize them.

Also, the accurate rental pick up and drop off places will only be transmitted after confirmation of the agreement. Either you will tell the renter yourself, or Rentzzz will inform them if you entered that information when filling in the item description. Once the agreement is confirmed by an email from the renter to the rentee, the renter’s contact information is also transmitted.

Also, please keep in mind that your address will not be displayed accurately on the map when users will be searching for items to rent. Our system displays location markers in a 150 feet range from your actual location.

What happens if my renter doesn’t show up for the meeting we arranged?

This kind of situation is governed by the rental agreement you established when the rental confirmed the reservation. There could be supplementary fees involved or have no repercussions, just depending on your rental agreement, if you set one up.

Of course, whatever happens, the renter will be subject to your evaluation after this situation happens. Rentzzz encourages systematic evaluation of rental partners. A positive evaluation reassures future transaction partners.

What information do I need to provide to Rentzzz in order to create an account?

You will need to provide profile and contact information, as well as the location of your rental items (or the location where you would like to meet renters to make the transaction). Please provide the most direct and up-to-date contact information to allow renters to contact you and rent your items.

When do I have to pay my Rentzzz fees?

There are two types of fees associated with using Rentzzz: the commission on transactions and the listing fees.

Listing fees are set to free.

The commission is due when a reservation is made, and charged to the renter as a retainer fee. When meeting the renter for the rental pick-up, the renter will owe the renter the remaining amount, that is the overall rental price of which will be deducted the already paid retainer fee. Therefore, the renter will not have to issue any payment to Rentzzz. A history of the transactions and commissions can be found under the “My Bills” section of the Rentzzz account, the commissions for confirmed rentals being labeled as “Paid”.

Can I refuse a rental booking request?

If for whatever reason you cannot rent the requested item to the prospective renter, you can refuse the transaction when the renter will contact you after making a reservation online. In this case, please notify the renter as soon as possible as he or she only has 3 days to cancel the transaction online before being charged the retainer fee.

What are the online payment methods available for billing the renters?

Payment for rentals (except for the retainer) is handled directly between the renter and the rentee. Therefore, all payment methods are available and your preferred payment methods (credit card.) should be described in your rental listings.

What methods of payment are available for paying my dues to Rentzzz?

Rentzzz accepts payments via credit cards and Paypal for the listing fees (free today). The commission is paid through the retainer fee, charged to the renter when the rental is confirmed.

Why don’t I see the item I posted for rent?

Your rental listings are instantly registered in the Rentzzz database once they are published for rent. However, it may take several hours for them to show up in search results.

If it has been more than a few hours and you still cannot find them when making a search, there may have been a problem in the listing creation (typo, missing entry...). In this case, check if the name and the description of the item has been correctly registered under your Rentzzz account, where you can edit listings as needed. If this does not solve your problem don't hesitate to contact us, our staff will be happy to help.

How much time can I wait before accepting a booking request from a renter?

A rental transaction is considered confirmed and effective 3 days after the renter has been notified via email by Rentzzz of the booking request and the rentee has received the renter contact information. After the 3 days the renter is charged the retainer fee for the transaction.

We strongly advise to respond as soon as possible to accept or refuse incoming booking requests. Making sure your contact information is direct and up-to-date is the best way to insure this. If you will be unavailable to respond to booking requests for an extended period of time you can pause or deactivate temporarily your items from your account. If you don't respond to renters booking requests your profile may receive negative evaluations.

How do I remove or delete one of my items that is currently rented?

The status of your rental items is defined in the My Items section of your account. You can deactivate items or pause them for specific periods at any time.

Who can use Rentzzz Premium Ads?

Any individual or business who meets Rentzzz Listing policy and Terms of Use can opt for Rentzzz Premium Listings.

Why should you use Rentzzz Premium Ads?

Premium ads help you make your ad more visible, reach out to more consumers and sell your product or service faster.

How long does my Ad remain as a Premium Ad?

All ads on Rentzzz stay on site for long time as they meet the Listing Policy and Terms Of Use of the website. All Premium ads currently whether Top Of Page or Urgent stay as a Premium ad on the website for minimum 1 month and maximum 12 month as user choose plan.

Can I renew my Premium Ad?

Yes, you can renew your Premium ad after 30 days.


I can’t register on Rentzzz!

Please make sure your browser accepts cookies and your firewall is not blocking information being sent out.

I can’t sign in on Rentzzz!

Contact us directly to let us know about the problem by send us a message.

What do I do if I forget my password or username?

To ask for a password or login name reminder, click on the "forgot my password" link on the homepage. Your username or alias is the email you used when first signing in with Rentzzz.

How do I change my alias or my password?

In the My Profile area you can modify your account, including your password or alias (username).

What kinds of things can I post for rent?

Rentzzz allows everyone to rent items, goods or products, whatever they may be. Some restrictions may apply, please check our Prohibited Items List to verify what cannot be rented on Rentzzz. Certain categories have been suggested but they are not exhaustive. So, when you are choosing a category for an item that you are renting, if nothing matches you can suggest a new one through our Ticket feedback form (Contact us here).

I am not able to contact the renter or rentee by email.... how can I get in touch another way? (Fax, telephone, other)

Please contact us via our support Ticket system.

I have a disagreement with another member (rentee or renter)

Rentzzz is a rental marketplace and remains a neutral intermediary. Conflicts that arise after confirmation of rental contracts are governed by this contract and by any legislation that is in effect for this type of situation.

However, keep in mind that Rentzzz’s feedback form for evaluating renters and rentee is a crucial tool for avoiding conflicts between members. That’s why Rentzzz encourages you so strongly to be systematic in your evaluation of rental partners. A positive evaluation will assure you more rentals in the future and a trustworthy relationship with your partners.

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